dmSwitchboard: Hosted Switchboard

Why not upgrade to a professional switchboard solution without having to buy expensive hardware and spend load of cash? We offer a professional switchboard with team diverts, tone driven menus, recorded information that callers can access and we offer assistance with the setup!

How dmSwitchboard hosted switchboard works

When a caller calls your number you can decided to divert them to a specific team or you can have the users select the call destination using a tone driven menu eg (press 1 for support, 2 for sales etc) or they can access pre-recorded information such as opening times. The hosted switchboard is a powerful way to handle your business call needs.


Calls Forwarded

Calls to your virtual numbers are forwarded to your existing phone. The call handling can be setup according to your needs.


Tone Driven Menu / IVR

Callers can access the Interactive Voice Rresponse (IVR) menu using the tone-driven menu / key pad on their phone. They access the department or person by entering the extension.


Team Diverts

Calls can be diverted mid call and you can divert to up to 9 different numbers per department.


Recorded Info & More

You can record info such as opening times and pricing and add it to the system so that users can get the info anytime without having to have staff repeat themselves on frequent enquiries.

Above Example:

When a caller phones your virtual number the calls are forwarded to your phone or handled using the switchboard. The tone driven IVR menu can reduce staff call handling time by allowing users to select the person or department that they are looking for by entering the relevant extension. Calls can also be diverted mid call to other phones and up to 9 different teams. The switchboard can also have frequent information available so that users can get it without taking up staff time.

dmSwitchboard Features:

Team/Department divert:
Divert to up to nine different numbers

Tone driven menus:
Fully customisable tone menus e.g. "press 1 for support, 2 for sales, 3 for accounts"

Recorded information:
Set up recorded messages for frequently requested info

Setup Wizard:
Online setup wizzard to easily help you get started

Call forwarding:
Professional economical forwarding to landline and mobiles worldwide using PSTN

With fully customisable answering message. You can access your messages by phone or email. We send them to your email inbox as audio files

Voicemail by email:
Receive voice messages as mp3 files via email

VOIP forwarding:
SIP standard supported and built in PSTN changeover if broadband an issue

General Features:

Online Control:

Control your number through any web browser any time 24/7

Call history:

Itemised call history is available to view anytime online

One number:

Keep your numbers even if you move


Expert support by people not a machine

14 Day Money Back Guarantee:

We offer a money-back guarantee on all new numbers, if you incur less than £5 of call-forwarding charges in the first 14 days you can have 100% of your money back.

dmSwitchboard Fees:

Understanding the costs involved in having a virtual phone number with dmSwitchboard call forwarding.

Number Fee: From £0 - Gold (Gold value fee on easy to remember numbers)
dmSwitchboard Service: £7.50 / month (6 month min)
Setup: £19.95
Call Divert fees: From 2.25 ppm to UK Landlines | VoIP divert Free

Number Fee:
We offer a range of numbers and they start at £0 and go up in value. The number fee (if the number is not free) is called the gold value and this is a once off fee. Gold Number Value: The gold value price goes up the more sought after the number is likely to be. Numbers that have easy to remember sequences and that form words on the dial pads cost more and more the easier it is to remember. You can search for free numbers or set your prices range using the number chooser.

dmSwitchboard Service Fee:
The call forwarding service with online web control is £7.50 / month with a minimum of 6 months.

Setup Fee:
Free to setup the dmSwitchboard Service.

Call Divert Fees:
This is the usage charge for forwarding the calls to your phone and it starts from 2.25 pence to most UK landlines. VoIP divert is free of charge (you pay your broadband).

Call Plan Fee:
You can upgrade your call plans if you are expecting large volume of calls. See call plans

You pay for a number only if it has a gold value. You pay 7.50 pounds per month for the dmSwitchboard service to forward calls to your phone numbers plus any call forwarding usage costs charged at 2.25 pence per minute. You pay extra to upgrade your call volume plan, but less pence per minute on call diverts. If you use VoIP there are no call forwarding charges charged.

How to order dmSwitchboard

Quick overview:

1. Select number range 2.Click number 3.Add dmSwitchboard 4.Set call plan 5.Checkout/Pay

Detailed overview:

1. Select the Number Range:
At the moment we offer the geographic 01 and 02 numbers in the UK as well as national 08 numbers and personal 07 numbers. So you'll need to select the national or personal number range you require or search for the local area code that you are keen on by entering the code or city name in to the search box. This will generate a list of numbers that are available in that area code.

2. Add dmSwitchboard Services:
Note: you need to choose a number before you can add the dmSwitchboard service. The default call service is the dmConnect service that enables call forwarding to landlines and mobile phones using PSTN or VoIP trunk. Click on the service button and a drop down will appear. To add dmSwitchboard click on the dmSwitchboard service button and it will be added to you number.

3. Add dmVoice Services:
Note: you need to choose a number before you can add the dmVoice service. The default call service is the dmConnect service that enables call forwarding to landlines and mobile phones using PSTN or VoIP trunk. Click on the service button and a drop down will appear. To add dmVoice click on the dmVoice service button and it will be added to you number.

4. Edit Call plan:
If you are expecting large amounts of calls to your virtual number then you may want to pay a monthly fee to reduce the call charges. You can select the call plan that suits you using the service configurator the same way you change the Call services you would like to add to your number.

5. Checkout and Pay:
Once you are happy with the order click the orange "checkout and pay" button, follow the process until you have paid, logged in and verified the number. Once this is complete you will be able to setup they number according to your call services and divert needs online!