Virtual Phone Numbers

A Virtual Number is a phone number starting with a UK dialling code that can be diverted to an existing landline or mobile phone

How virtual phone numbers work


Choose Number

Choose your number range and number


Set Diverts

Set the existing phone that you want your calls to divert to


Calls forwarded

When a caller phones, the call gets forwarded to your existing phone


Landline, mobile ,VoIP

You can forward your calls to a landline, mobile or use VoIP

Above Example:

In this example, we have bought a 0207 1234567 as a virtual number, we have then logged in and set the divert to number 0161 9876543. When a person phones the virtual number 0207 123456, the calls are automatically diverted to 0161 9876543 without the caller knowing that the calls are being diverted. You can divert calls to landlines, mobile phones or use VoIP.