Gold Numbers: Memorable Numbers

Gold numbers are our range of valuable numbers, why are they valued higher? Well its because they are easier to remember because they either contain repetition like "11 22 33" or "3000 11 44" or they have words that correspond to the keys on phone dial pads. E.g the number 2 also could be A, B or C, the number 3 is D, E or F and so you can choose numbers and advertise a word. Since the word is easy to remember, people can then go and dial the "word" but they will actually be dialling a corresponding number.

The more easy it is to remember the more likely people are to call you. Gold numbers are therefore great for advertising in general. Think of numbers that are repeated on TV, radio and on billboards. The easier to remember the number is, the more business you are likely to remember! Gold number fee is a once off fee for the number.

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How a Gold Number works

People see an easy to remember number, if they are interested in your service or product they are more likely to phone you since they should be able to remember the number!

Gold Number Features:

Repetitious Numbers

People find it much easier to remember numbers with repitition, consider 111 222 as a number or triple one triple two, vs 529 817, they are both the same amount of numbers but say it aloud, the first eaxmple of 111 222 is way easier to remember. The easier to remember or more numbers repeated the more valuable the number is and the gold value will be higher. Marketing using gold numbers may result in more calls!

111 222 "triple one triple two" vs 529 817

Dial Pad words | Number Words

E.g. if your plumbing company's name is PlumbCo. You could buy a number ending: "7586226" to see the letters vs numbers: 7(P) 5(L) 8 (U) 6(M) 2(B) 2(C) 6(O). You then advertise 0800 PLUMBCO or 0207 PLUMBCO. People just need to remember the word and when they need to call you they are likely to remember that A: you offer plumbing and B: your phone number by dialling the corresponding numbers on the phone dial pad. See dial pad example below:

How to order a Gold Number

Quick overview:

1. Select number range 2.Click number 3.Add the service plan you want 4.Set call plan 5.Checkout/Pay

Detailed overview:

1. Select the Number Range:
At the moment we offer the geographic 01 and 02 numbers in the UK only. So you'll need to search for the local area code that you are keen on by entering the code or city name in to the search box. This will generate a list of numbers that are available in that area code.

2. Choose a Gold Number:
Find the number range that you want. Use the number selector to find the sequence that you are keen to buy or use the price range of gold value to find numbers that are easy to remember and select the number from there.

3. Add Call Services:
Note: you need to choose a number before you can add the call service. The default call service is the dmConnect service that enables call forwarding to landlines and mobile phones using PSTN or VoIP trunk. Click on the service button and a drop down will appear. To add a different service click on the service button and it will be added to your number.

4. Edit Call plan:
If you are expecting large amounts of calls to your virtual number then you may want to pay a monthly fee to reduce the call charges. You can select the call plan that suits you using the service configurator the same way you change the Call services you would like to add to your number.

5. Checkout and Pay:
Once you are happy with the order click the orange "checkout and pay" button, follow the process until you have paid, logged in and verified the number. Once this is complete you will be able to setup they number according to your call services and divert needs online!