How virtual phone numbers work


Choose Number

Choose your number range and number


Set Diverts

Set the existing phone that you want your calls to divert to


Calls forwarded

When a caller phones, the call gets forwarded to your existing phone


Landline, mobile ,VoIP

You can forward your calls to a landline, mobile or use VoIP

Above Example:

In this example, we have bought 0207 1234567 as a virtual number, we have then logged in and set the divert to number 0161 9876543. When a person phones the virtual number 0207 1234567, the calls are automatically diverted to 0161 9876543 without the caller knowing that the calls are being diverted. You can divert calls to landlines, mobile phones or use VoIP.

About UK Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone numbers offer people and businesses the ability to use virtual numbers in a variety of ways. Virtual numbers are essentially a call forwarding service that the caller is unaware of. So when someone calls your virtual number they have no idea that the call is being forwarded to another phone number. With this service you are able to give out your virtual number and route calls to your landlines, mobile phone or even by using VoIP.

You can also target clients by area or nationally, for example you could choose a local area number like 0207 London to target clients that want to call local businesses in the London area or you could choose a national UK number to create a big business impression for companies that don't have to be based locally to attract business. Alternatively you could simply get a personal number and route calls as you please.

You can login online anytime and change diverts anytime you please. You can also add call handling services such as: voicemail, fax to email, call hunting and a hosted virtual switchboard to your virtual number. We even have call plans to reduce your call rates should you expect large volumes of calls.

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Virtual Number Products & Services


Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Choose your own virtual phone number. Whether you need a geographic number (local area number) or a national UK phone number we you can select your own phone number from our extensive range of dialling codes.

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Call forward / Voice mail / Call hunt

Voicemail and Call Hunting

Our dmVoice service allows you to manage your incoming calls. You can divert calls to an existing landline or mobile phone number, you can set up voicemail for your virtual number or you can set up call hunting which diverts the call to a relevant available phone line.

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Fax to Email

Virtual Fax Number

Divert incoming phone calls from your virtual UK number to your fax machine or use fax to email to forward faxes directly to your email address.

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Virtually Hosted Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard

Set up your own virtual switchboard to direct incoming calls to the relevant person. You can choose from pre-recorded messages and set up call forwarding to different departments.

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